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New Trash Regulations for the Health & Safety of the Residents of CB South, Effective Immediately

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The CB South Board of Directors, at the August 8, 2007 meeting, passed new Trash Regulations for the Health and Safety of the Residents of CB South.   In essence, the new regulations are as follows:

  1. All trash for pick-up in CB South must be placed in cans with lids.
  2. Bags of trash are not permitted to be placed by the roadside for pickup.
  3. In CB South, trash may not be set out by any roadside before 6 a.m. the day of trash collection, and all trash cans must be removed from the roadside by 9 p.m. the day of trash collection.
  4. All trash must be either stored in a Bear Resistant Container, or stored inside of a garage or shed. 
  5. Any Bear Resistant Container must be compatible with the Waste Management criteria for containers that can be picked up by their trucks.  It is strongly recommended that before a bear resistant Container is purchased, check with Waste Management and confirm compliance first.
  6. For additional Waste Management criteria regarding acceptable containers and quantities allowed for pickup, etc. please check with Waste Management.
  7. You may be fined for violations of items 1- 4 mentioned above. Fines are as follows:

          1st offense:  Warning
          2nd offense: $25 fine
          3rd offense: $50 fine
          4th offense: $100 fine

  • Appliances are not part of regular trash pickup; the setting out of any appliance for roadside pickup for more than five (5) calendar days, shall result in a $25 fine.


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