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Rules and Regulations


(Adopted November 2007)

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  1. HOME OCCUPATION IS SUBORDINATE. The home occupation shall be incidental and secondary to the use of the property for residential purposes, and shall not change the residential character of the property.

  2. SIZE OF AREA LIMITED. To ensure it remains subordinate, the size of the area used for the home occupation shall be limited to one-third (33%) of the floor area of the primary residence (living area) or 1,000 sq. ft., whichever is smaller.
  3. ACTIVITIES TO BE CONDUCTED INDOORS. All activities associated with the home occupation shall be conducted indoors. These activities may be conducted within the residence, or may be conducted within another structure on the property, including a detached garage or a shed, so long as the most current parking requirements for CB South are satisfied. There shall be no outside storage of goods, materials, or equipment associated with the home occupation.
  4. EMPLOYEES. The home occupation shall be conducted entirely by the residents living on the premises, and by no more than the equivalent of one full-time employee on-site who lives off-premises.
  5. CUSTOMERS. The home occupation shall serve no more than 10 vehicles on-site during a single day.
  6. ADEQUATE PARKING. There are no additional parking requirements for a home occupation in CB South.  However, as applicable, the use shall comply with the most current CB South Parking, Setback, Snow Storage, and Open Space Requirements and all customers must park in authorized parking spaces. 
  7. TRUCKS OR VANS. Tractor-trailers or “Semi’s” shall not be allowed to make deliveries to the home occupation.
  8. NUISANCE. The home occupation shall not operate during such hours or in manner that will create a public or private nuisance or disturb neighbors. It shall not produce any of the following, including, but not limited to: offensive noise, vibrations, electrical or magnetic interference, glare, fumes, odors, smoke, dust, heat, or waste noticeable at or beyond the property line. All waste products generated by the home occupation shall be disposed of pursuant to all applicable federal, state and county regulations.
  9. SIGNS. No signs shall be permitted to advertise for any Home occupation in CB South.
  10. OTHER REGULATIONS. The structure in which the home occupation is located shall comply with all other applicable regulations and codes for the type of home occupation proposed.
  11. An application is not required by a Home Occupation meeting the above criteria.  Complaints regarding any Home Occupation shall be subject to the C.B. South code enforcement procedures and fee schedules.
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