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Noxious Weeds in CB South

Spring, summer and even early fall are active growth times for weeds in CB South. These weeds are aggressive, spread rapidly, resist control, and reproduce at an alarming rate.

Property owners can help to reduce the spreading of noxious weeds by identifying and removing or spraying. Gunnison County sells MILESTONE, which is very effective in controlling noxious weeds. You may contact Beth Ozyp at 642-4461 to purchase MILESTONE or native grass and wildflower seeds.

Milestone Herbicide is also available for property owner use (free of charge) in one gallon and two gallon sprayers. Please stop by the POA Office to sign up.

--Milestone Fact Sheet
--Milestone Safety Data

Bull Thistle
Canada Thistle
Centless Chamomile
Common Burdock
Common Burdock Bloom
Dame's Rocket
Hoary Cress
Mullein Blooms
Musk Thistle
Oxeye Daisy
Spotted Knapweed
Yellow Toadflax
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