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Design Review Approval Process Summary

Updated September, 2013

1. When your proposal/design is ready, submit three complete set of plans and completed application form along with: your application fee, copy of your recorded deed, exterior color samples and a copy of a contour map showing all existing conditions. Stamped structural plans by a licensed engineer or architect will be required prior to the final Approval letter. Please make checks payable to CBSPOA. Your proposal must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the next regularly scheduled Board meeting. Meetings are held on the second to last Thursday of each month, starting at 6:00pm, in the conference room located at 61 Teocalli Road.

2. Plans and documents are reviewed by the Association Manager for completeness, accuracy and compliance and:
a. IF COMPLETE and in compliance you WILL be placed on the agenda as submitted, for the next Board meeting OR….
b. IF NOT COMPLETE or not in compliance, the Association Manager will notify applicant as to the deficient items. Your project WILL NOT be placed on the meeting agenda until your application package is deemed complete.

3. The Application and Plans are reviewed by the Board at a regularly scheduled meeting. For new Single Family Residence, Duplex or Multi-Family construction the owner and/or architect should present their plans to the Board in person if possible. If the applicant cannot be present, applicant may authorize a representative.

4. If all materials are included in the application, the site is posted, and a view of one building elevation together with a brief summary of the project is published in the local newspaper (please send a digital copy). The Applicant is responsible for providing a professional survey or Improvement Location Certificate (ILC), and shall stake and flag the corner pins on the site. The building corners and centerline of the driveway shall also be flagged to facilitate site inspection for design review purposes.

5. If there is no appeal by other property owners and the Board finds the plans and application to be appropriate, complete, the project can be approved at that same meeting. 

6. Three sets of engineered stamped plans must be provided.  An approval letter will be available and two of the three sets of plans the following Monday between 9 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. at the Crested Butte South Property Owners Office, 61 Teocalli Road, Crested Butte South. Contact the Association Manager at (970) 349-1162 with any questions.

7. Next, contact the Crested Butte South Metropolitan District Manager at 970-349-5480, P.O. Box 1129, 280 Cement Creek Road, Crested Butte, CO 81224, to schedule an appointment. Bring your approved plans. Pay the Tap Fee to the Crested Butte South Metropolitan District.


8. Then, schedule an appointment with the Gunnison County Building Inspector at (970) 641-1011, 200 E. Virginia Ave. Gunnison, CO 81230). Bring your plans stamped by Crested Butte South, Crested Butte South approval letter and Tap Fee payment voucher. Pay the permit fee to the County Building Department. Also, if you are located in the Geological Hazard Area you will be required to have a geological hazard study performed on your property at your expense.


9. Multi-family, Commercial, Business and large building projects must be approved first by the CB South Property Owners Board, and then by the Gunnison County Planning Commission. Call the Gunnison County Planner at (970) 641-0360 to get familiar with the County process.


10. In addition to the inspections to be performed by the County Building Inspector, you are required to contact the CB South Building Inspector at 349-1162, P.O. Box 2630, Crested Butte, CO 81224, for the following inspections:

11. Site/Foundation Inspection - To verify that: a) The foundation walls are within the required setbacks, and b) The height of the foundation wall is consistent with the approved plans relative to the surrounding grade. It is required that you arrange to have this inspection done at least 48 hours prior to pouring concrete. Property corner pins must be in place and clearly marked. String-lines are helpful. If a benchmark was established in order to measure building height, please mark it clearly on the site and on the approved site plan. A minimum of a 24 hour notice is required.
12. Framing Inspection – to verify the height requirements.

13. Final Inspection- To verify that: a) Exterior finishes and architectural elements are consistent with approved plans in shape, color and size; b) Driveway and parking areas are complete and within required setbacks; c) Site drainage and finished grade is complete and functional; d) Propane tank (if any) is buried; e) Wood stove/fireplace insert is on approved stove list for CB South; f) Signs (if applicable) are as approved; g) Landscaping is alive, growing, maintained and consistent with approved plans; and finally, h) Site is cleared of construction debris, equipment and excess material.

Please read and sign the Construction Site Management rules and regulations for Crested Butte South POA.

DOGS: No more than 3 dogs are allowed on the building site. They must be under the control and supervision of their owner and are expressly prohibited from straying from the site. There is an enforced leash law throughout the subdivision.
PARKING: No parking on streets and right of ways. Please park on your property.
CONSTRUCTION DEBRIS: Provide a dumpster or trash trailer for your site and use it. Please respect your neighbors by keeping your job site clean and by preventing trash from blowing about.
One PORTA-POTTY is required per jobsite and regular maintenance is also required.
DO NOT use your neighbors' property for storage of materials, vehicular parking, access or utility connections outside of a platted easement unless you have obtained prior written approval from them. CB South requires copies of any agreements you make with your neighbors concerning the use of their property, including your commitment to repair any damages and restore all landscaping and ground cover that is disturbed as a result of your activities.

Thank you for choosing Crested Butte South for your building project!

CB South Property Owners Association :: Dom Eymere, Manager
Office: (970) 349-1162 Fax: (970) 349-1163
Office Hours: 9am-5pm Monday-Friday
61 Teocalli Road, Crested Butte, Colorado 81224