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9/5/2018 Public Meeting – Information and Graphics

Click Here to View and/or Print Official Ballot

The CBSPOA Board of Directors needs a majority of property owners to vote on a proposed amendment to Covenant 24.03, originally adopted in 1970, which defines the allowable building height in the commercial district. This ballot contains your vote and an explanation of the proposed amendment. In order for the proposed amendment to be adopted, 50% of property owners, plus one vote, must vote in favor of the amendment.

Article 24.03 of the Covenants and Restrictions

Currently States:

Proposed Language:

No structure on a commercial lot shall exceed two stories in height, exclusive of chimneys.

No structure on a commercial lot shall exceed two stories in height, exclusive of Block 6, which would allow three stories.

Context for the Proposed Amendment
In 2005, the Gunnison Board of County Commissioners approved commercial buildings to be up to three stories. This is reflected in the Special Area Regulations for Crested Butte South, and allows the community to independently make design decisions about building height and form. The Covenants and Restrictions, however, were not simultaneously updated to reflect this allowance. In an effort to synchronize CB South's design standards, the community is being asked to vote FOR or AGAINST this amendment.

The amendment pertains only to Block 6 of the Commercial Area, indicated in the site map below, at right. Buildings in Block 6 will be allowed only up to three stories, with a maximum height for flat roofs being 43 feet, and for gabled roofs, 45 feet. The current maximum height is 35 feet. The drawing below, at left, provides a visual reference of the current and proposed allowable building heights:

All development in the Commercial Area must be reviewed, be open to a public comment period, and approved by the CAMP (Commercial Area Master Plan) and Design Review Committees.

You may contact Dom Eymere, Association Manager, at dom@cbsouth.net and 970-349-1162 or Sue Wallace, Community Compliance Coordinator, at compliance@cbsouth.net and 970-901-6851, with questions.

Click Here to View and/or Print Official Ballot


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